Petersham grosgrain is widely used in the apparel, millinery and craft industries. Know for its saw tooth edge, our Petersham grosgrain has a refined look and swirls/turns well when used as hatbands or as binding. Available in polyester, rayon and cotton material contents.

Rayon Petersham
A soft grosgrain, most popularly found on apparel.
Polyester Petersham
Similar to the rayon quality, but made with polyester so it is heavier and rugged.
#4900 Cotton Petersham
100% Cotton
Soft Stretch Petersham
Polyester Petersham with just a bit of stretch, allowing this ribbon to be quite versatile.
Vintage Cotton Petersham
Stock only. 15% OFF No Coupon Code Necessary
Flag Grosgrain
Available in colors that resemble country flags.
Polka Dot Petersham
Playful dots on grosgrain for children's wear or other fun accessories.
Stitch Petersham
A playful yet sophisticated grosgrain with clean lines.