Hand Woven Ribbon Fabric

What is Ribbontique®?
Ribbontique®, a hand woven textile made by interweaving combinations of our high quality ribbons, was created to give designers and manufactuers the flexibility to produce a fabric with endless possiblities of colors, patterns and textures. It comes on a 34 inch by 31 yard long bolt and it is backed with either a soft or hard lining so that it acts like a normal fabric. Ribbontique® is washable and is commonly used on hand bags, watch wrist bands, hair accessories, home furnishings and all types of garments.
(Handbags courtesy of bzwear.com)
How do I order Ribbontique®?
Ribbontique® is made to order and is customized to your specifications. Give us your pattern or a sketch of your design and we will do the rest. If you do not have any patterns in mind or dont know where to start, please contact our sales department and we will show you a variety of patterns to choose from or to inspire you.
Once you've designed your pattern and selected the ribbons, a 60cm x 60cm sample piece can be produced for nominal sample fee. This will give you a better idea of how your vision will look once it is woven.
Please contact us for a quote at sales@ribbonconnections.com